Product Data Management was originally considered to be a workgroup data management system intended to provide vaulting and revision control for engineering data such as CAD models and drawings.

Today PDM also typically includes some or most of the following functions:

  • Secure vaulting with check in and check out
  • Attribute data management
  • Revision management
  • Design release management
  • Comprehensive access control through configurable user roles
  • CAD product structure management and bill-of-material creation
  • "Where-used" searches and reporting



The core functionality of PDM is included in PLM, but product lifecyle management typically extends to "data consumers" throughout the enterprise and manages a wider range of information about each product, and typically integrates additional collaboration and innovation tools such as:

  • Systems engineering and requirements management
  • Engineering process management
  • Product portfolio, program and project management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Compliance management
  • Manufacturing process management
  • Simulation process management
  • Maintenance, warranty, repair and overhaul management
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Community collaboration tools and management

Most companies today consider PLM to be a broad and long-term strategy which includes data mining, IP management, data connectivity to ERP and other corporate data bases, and innovation management using many of the tools listed above.

Product Lifecycle Management Software Redefines Business

PLM empowers your business to make unified, information-driven decisions at every stage in the product lifecycle. PLM solutions establish a cohesive platform to: Optimize relationships along the lifecycle and across organizations. Maximize the lifetime value of your business' product portfolio. Set up a single system of record to support diverse data needs.


CIMdata's Definition of PLM

"PLM is a strategic business approach that applies a consistent set of business solutions in support of the collaborative creation, management, dissemination, and use of product definition information across the extended enterprise, and spanning from product concept to end of life—integrating people, processes, business systems, and information. PLM forms the product information backbone for a company and its extended enterprise.

It is composed of multiple elements including: Foundation Technologies (e.g., architecture, standards, administration, security, visualization, collaboration, reporting and analytics, etc.), Core Functions (information repositories, content management, workflow, product structure, data authoring, and program management), Functional Applications (e.g., configuration management, engineering change control, portfolio, management, requirements management, etc.), and Business Solutions (e.g., new product introduction, supply chain collaboration, etc.) that incorporate best practices and methods."


Insight PDM for Solid Edge

Insight PDM comes fully integrated with Solid Edge Classic and Premium editions, and licenses can be purchased for all other "data consumers" in your company.  Microsoft SharePoint is the core of Insight, and will need to be installed and implemented if not already available through your company's IT environment.  Visit the Insight Product Page for more information.

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Teamcenter PLM

Teamcenter is the world's leading PLM system, ranked in the leadership position in the PLM marketplace by CIMdata every year since 2002.  Teamcenter can be installed with basic functionality (PDM) to form the core of your long-term PLM strategy, providing you a platform on which to build and provide continuous process improvement for years to come. 

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Manufacturing Data Management

Manufacturing Data Management (MDM) is subset of PLM aimed specially at the management and control of all data required to manufacture parts on the shop floor.

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iBOLT Data Integration

iBOLT proivdes data integration to connect and share data between your key business systems.  Acuity uses iBOLT to integrate our Teamcenter and Insight PDM and PLM systems to ERP/Accounting, CRM and other mission critical systems.

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See Data Management in Action

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Read about how companies like yours are profiting from Engineering Data Management

Black Diamond creates consumer productgs with passion

Outdoor-equipment company uses PLM to translate employee expertise and customer requirements into popular products that grow the business. Black Diamond Equipment Ltd., an employee-owned manufacturer of climbing and skiing equipment, operates on three continents and sells its products in more than 20 countries around the world. One of the company’s defining characteristics and a key strategic asset – is the fact that its employees are passionate climbers and skiers themselves. They know what makes a great product versus merely a good one, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

Siemens PLM NX CAD, CAM and Teamcenter enabled IAI to set a new aviation industry benchmark for rapid product development. IAI redesigned the Grumman Gulfstream G150 mid-size business jet with a 17% reduction in cycle time.

Wright Medical Technology

Wright Medical Technology, Inc. (Wright) is a global orthopedic medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologics. Wright’s product offerings include large joint implants for the hip and knee; extremity implants for the hand, elbow, shoulder, foot and ankle; and both synthetic and tissue-based bone graft substitute materials.

ATK Aerospace

To fuel innovation at ATK, the company has fully embraced a PLM strategy that spans the lifecycle, standardized across its divisions and value chain. “The PLM Strategy is important to us because we’re creating an environment that can be used in a standard way across the entire corporation,” says Alan Whitaker, director of IT, ATK Space Systems Group.

Goodrich Aerospace

Goodrich Corporation set out to establish one of the leanest and most efficient operations in the aerospace manufacturing industry. All non-value systems, technologies and processes were to be eliminated. The company faced a daunting task, with several hundred software systems already in place. The “outdated” technical infrastructure represented a drain on the IT department and the cost of maintenance was significant.

Pratt & Whitney

Learn how Pratt & Whitney achieved their corporate goals for 50 percent time-to-market reduction, 75 percent decrease in product development costs and 80 percent fewer post-certification engineering changes by implementing NX and Teamcenter to replace 4 legacy systems.

Budde Sheet Metal 1 Second Design Retrieval

Learn how Budde Sheet Metal Design is gaining substantial benefit from finding a design among 70,000 in seconds!

Suzhou Jiangnan Jiajie Elevator Designs & Manages with Solid Edge & Insight

Read how SJEC implemented Solid Edge and Insight to great benefit.

Pella Windows Benefits from Built-in Insight

Fortunately, Pella and other Solid Edge CAD users now have a remarkably easy, low-cost solution in Insight technology, which integrates data management within the CAD system. “The benefit of Solid Edge’s solution is its simplicity,” says Ken Grundey, CAD Manager at Pella. “Because it’s part of the existing Solid Edge CAD structure, our users won’t have to think about PDM because it’s automatic and immediate.”

CIMData Report on Solid Edge Insight PDM

This CIMdata-authored whitepaper reviews Siemens PLM Software’s Microsoft SharePoint-based design data management solution. The paper describes Solid Edge Insight and how it is a proven design-centric PLM solution focused on supporting Solid Edge communities. The paper also describes the value of this MS SharePoint-based solution for Solid Edge customers, and how the MS SharePoint platform enables them to leverage their existing IT infrastructure, and immediately benefit from the integration of design data and processes with their other business processes.

Acuity PLM Services

Acuity provides a full range of scoping, implementation, training and support services.

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