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From local tasks to global operations, Teamcenter offers standardized workflows and change processes that can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Manage and share product designs, documents, supplier and vendor communications, bills of material and other data, while maximizing productivity and streamlining operations.


13  Team

Teamcenter can extend the value of PLM across the product lifecycle by managing requirements, including suppliers, and connecting engineering with manufacturing and service.

6  Speed

Transform your business by providing a systems-driven infrastructure for product cost, quality and sustainability initiatives.

14  Flexible

Choose from flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud and Teamcenter Rapid Start), and leverage an intuitive PLM user experience with Active Workspace.

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Get to know Teamcenter

We’ll be in touch within two business days with more details.

Teamcenter Manufacturing Resource Library

Easily manage data for tools, fixtures, machines and more with the Manufacturing Resource Library, a Teamcenter application that provides classification and data management for manufacturing engineering resources. Often used as an advanced tool library where tool component and assembly data can be managed, the Manufacturing Resource Library provides powerful search, view and retrieval capabilities across a full classification system. NX CAM users have direct access to the library for tools, fixtures, templates and more.


15  Tool

Import tool components from catalogs or create your own.

Component searches can be performed within a class or subclass, or using attributes like length, cutting diameter, weight, vendor and material.

16  Shared  Data

Offers a shared repository for resource data useful in NC programming, CMM and process planning.


Guided component assembly automatically suggests compatible tooling components.

Teamcenter Shop Floor Connect

Ensure that your team has access to every bit of information they need with Shop Floor Connect. More than a traditional DNC system, Shop Floor Connect allows users to access any element data associated with the manufacturing plan, and provides up-to-date information through a web-based app. This ensures you avoid data duplication and the right data gets used on the shop floor.


17  Target

Control distribution of the manufacturing plan data right to the point of use.

22  Transparency

Maintain transparency across the manufacturing organization.

18  No  Database

Eliminates the need for an independent shop floor database. Data remains within a controlled environment until it’s sent to the machine tool.