Maximize the value of your latest machine tools with NX CAM

Shorter product development cycles are the primary driving force in manufacturing. Continuous innovation and change in designs require more and faster development of numerical control programs, molds, tools and dies required to manufacture the product.

The newest Plug-In (VoluMill) for NX CAM further extends NX's superior performance and return-on-investment for the roughing cycle process by dramatically reducing the roughing cycle times and extending tool life as much as 10 times.  See the Plugins tab for details.

See how the latest, market-leading CAM software can help your company with:

  • Effective programming for multi-function & 5-axis machines
  • High speed machining techniques
  • Automation of NC programming tasks
  • Re-use of proven machining methods
  • Automation of CMM programming

Discover some of NX CAM's Industry-leading strengths:

In-depth CAM capabilities - address all of the key areas of machining in one system

CAD neutral - work with a range of data inputs and your existing CAD system

  • Supports a wide range of data formats such as STEP, IGES, DXF/DWG, and STL.
  • Direct access to Parasolid and JT data.
  • Ability to read native data files from Catia and Pro/E.
  • Analysis tools to examine imported geometry for irregularities.
  • Advanced geometry healing capabilities to repair imported geometry.
  • Flexibility in programming different geometry types, even in the same part.


Easy to deploy - start quickly, from auto install to on line access to the Siemens PLM Software   post processor library

Easy to learn - follow key topic tutorials built right into the software

Easy to use - choose pre-configured user environments that set the system for immediate use and apply industry best practices for typical types of programming

Watch our video demonstration on the video tab to see:

Programming for high speed machining with consistent chip loading - push your cutting tools without overloading them for the best results

Flexible mill-turn programming - all the functions you need to take advantage of the latest mill-turn machines from basic milling, drilling and turning to fully simultaneous machining using proven 5-axis software

Integrated, G-code driven machine tool simulation - perform machine simulation of the final, posted M- and G-codes right in your programming environment

Multi-channel synchronization - minimize the machining time on your multi-function machines with intuitive synchronization and visualization tools

Machining data library - apply accurate, proven data automatically from the built in cutting parameters database to achieve optimum results

Robust 5-axis capabilities - maintain tight control over demanding 5-axis motion requirements and tackle almost any task

Assembly modeling - fully utilize your fixture assemblies for collision checking

Programming wizards - construct them easily with zero computer programming

Machining templates - capture and re-apply proven methods easily and effectively

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Configure Your Own Custom NX CAM System from the following modules:

  • CAM Express Foundation
  • 2.5 Axis Milling
  • 3 Axis Milling 
  • 3 to 5 Axis Milling
  • 5 Axis Milling
  • Wire EDM
  • Turning
  • NC Simulation
  • Turbomachinery Milling
  • Feature Based Machining

Start with CAM Express Foundation and add just the modules you need to complete your custom CAM configuration, and, get Special Pricing starting at $4,995 through September 24th, 2012!

Connect with your Territory Manager to quickly develop a customized configuration of NX CAM with special pricing, and to schedule a live demonstration or get free trial software. For an overview demo of some of NX CAM's features please see the Video tab on this web page.  For further information, please contact your territory manager, or email


Prepackaged Bundles

CAM Express 5 Axis Milling

The CAM Express 5 Axis Milling product provides complete milling capabilities from 2 axis through 5 axis cutting complete with g-code driven machine simulation:

• Assembly modeling environment
• Translators for IGES, STEP, Parasolid, etc.
• Toolpath replay and material verification
• Generic motion control
• Holemaking and probing cycle support
• Wizard builder
• Tool path editor
• Shop Documentation
• Post processing
• Interactive Post Builder
• 2.5 Axis roughing, profiling, and face milling
• 3 Axis surface finishing
• NURBS machining
• 5 axis surface machining and swarfing
• 5 axis manual machining (sequential milling)
• G-code drive machine simulation
• Multi-channel program synchronization


CAM Express Total Machining

The Total Machining product covers the full breadth of machining capability in the NX CAD/CAM environment:

• Assembly modeling environment
• Translators for IGES, STEP, Parasolid, etc.
• Toolpath replay and material verification
• Generic motion control
• Holemaking and probing cycle support
• Wizard builder
• Tool path editor
• Shop Documentation
• Post processing
• Interactive Post Builder
• Turning
• Wire EDM
• 2.5 Axis roughing, profiling, and face milling
• 3 Axis surface finishing
• NURBS machining
• 5 axis surface machining and swarfing
• 5 axis manual machining (sequential milling)
• G-code drive machine simulation
• Multi-channel program synchronization
• Feature Based Machining Authoring

NX CMM Inspection Programming

NX CMM Inspection Programming is an offline programming application that helps you program faster and more accurately by putting you within the context of a 3D solid model environment including the CMM machine, probing equipment and the part. Use this application to reduce programming time, visually validate CMM programs, free up expensive CMM machine resources, and respond to design changes rapidly.

Advanced Automated Programming

Reduce inspection programming time by as much as 80% by using Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), including GD&T and 3D annotation, that's presented intuitively on the CAD model to automatically generate inspection programs.

Create highly accurate inspection programs that account for all feature and tolerance requirements by programming directly on the CAD model.

Production-Ready Output

Ensure inspection programs are collision-free by validating with 3D CMM simulation, and verify that programs match the intended measurement strategy.

Generate postprocessed output, including the DMIS standard and machine-specific formats.

Work in the Context of an Integrated Solution

Rapidly update inspection programs to design and manufacturing changes by using the associativity between NX CAD, CAM and CMM applications.

Use Teamcenter to manage your inspection data and processes, and ensure that you are always working with the correct file version.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Ramp-up to productivity faster and reduce training costs by using the context-based inspection programming environment and on-line workflow tutorials.

Minimize software and deployment costs by adding NX Inspection Programming to your existing Siemens PLM Software infrastructure.

Contact your territory manager to learn more.



NX 9 for Design

NX CAD 9 offers new and enhanced capabilities for product design, from concept through detailed engineering and documentation. NX 9 introduces new 3D CAD modeling techniques, improved 2D design and drafting, a streamlined user interface, faster access to PLM information, and a robust platform for concurrent engineering of complex products.

Greater Productivity with 2D – Synchronous Technology

With NX 9 for Design, you can edit 2D geometry with unprecedented speed and ease. Synchronous technology has been extended to enable fast, intuitive editing of 2D profiles. You can improve efficiency with accelerated, easy-to-understand design changes that work with geometry from multiple CAD systems.


Faster Concept Development, Freeform Modeling

NX 9 for Design introduces Realize Shape, a new task environment for freeform design that uses fast and intuitive subdivision modeling technology. Realize Shape offers you easy-to-use, flexible tools for creating advanced freeform shapes, with in-context analysis and visualization. Real-time ray-traced rendering in NX 9 displays inter-object reflections and refractions to help optimize product aesthetics.


More Power for Collaborative Design – 4GD

NX 9 improves the design of large-scale products and projects with 4th Generation Design (4GD), a new design and data management paradigm that enables versatile and efficient methods for design in context and design collaboration. Currently implemented in Siemens solutions for the marine industry, the component-based 4GD approach enables concurrent design in multiple configurations, and is scalable to products with millions of components.


High-Definition Experience Improves Decision-Making

NX 9 enhances the High-Definition PLM experience by embedding Active Workspace 2.0, the innovative new interface to Siemens’ Teamcenter software. You can choose the simple, graphically engaging Active Workspace to quickly find relevant information – parts, tasks, workflows, requirements and specifications – even from multiple external data sources. This streamlined access to the right information, in context, dramatically reduces the time spent looking for data and improves decision-making.



Full-Cycle Design Productivity

NX CAD 9 delivers new levels of productivity for the entire design process:

  • More efficient and interactive methods for creating and managing dimensions and annotations
  • Improved performance for display and update
  • Customizable ribbon bar for easy access to more commands with a larger graphics window
  • Streamlined workflows for specific industries



NX 9 for Simulation

Simulation is a critical part of the product engineering process, and Siemens PLM Software continues to invest in extending the multii-discipline simulation capabilities within NX for structural, thermal, flow, motion, multiphysics and optimization applications. NX 9 for Simulation introduces new capabilities and enhancements in NX CAE and NX Nastran to help you make smarter engineering decisions.


NX CAE is a modern simulation environment for performing structural, thermal, flow, motion, multiphysics and optimization analyses. NX CAE 9 introduces new capabilities in all of these areas, including:

  • Mesh morphing to conform existing meshes to slightly modified geometry
  • Laminate composite dynamic simulation to analyze structural performance resulting from vibration
  • New parallel thermal solver to reduce thermal simulation solution time for large models
  • Interactive articulation options for motion analysis


NX Nastran 9

Available as a standalone solver or integrated in NX CAE, NX Nastran is the premier FEA solver for computational performance, accuracy, reliability and scalability. NX Nastran 9 introduces a number of enhancements, including:

  • Rotor dynamics enhancements to simulate the performance of rotating machinery
  • Improved performance for large-scale normal modes and frequency response dynamics solutions
  • Modeling and workflow improvements such as bolt preloading using solid elements for nonlinear analyses




NX 9 for Manufacturing

NX 9 includes a wide range of new capabilities for manufacturing in tool design, in CMM Inspection Programming and in CAM.


Increase your manufacturing productivity with new industry specific capabilities in NX CAM 9. Enhanced control over cut regions for mold and die parts, faster programming of multiple-part setups and improved machining efficiency of complex parts can maximize your NC programming efficiency.



NX CMM Inspection Programing

Inspect a wider range of part types, including sheet metal components, with the new functions in NX 9. Multi feature path creation can automate the process and reduce inspection programming time. The results analysis module now offers a new set of analysis options and a rich graphical environment to display measured features in NX.


MRL Connect for NX

The Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) provides an advanced tool library capability based on Teamcenter technology. With the new MRL Connect for NX you can easily connect NX CAM directly to a standalone installation of MRL while operating within the NX environment.


Tooling Design

Accelerate the preparation of tooling models for downstream machining with new modeling and analysis capabilities in NX 9. You can now more easily access libraries of standard mold and die base parts. Streamlined workflows for stamping and progressive die design in NX 9 eliminate manual processes to reduce design time.




Operating System Requirements and Information

Recommended system configuration:

  • 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Windows 8 operating system
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format


Additional Graphics Card/Display System Comments

For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a professional graphics card that is designed for CAD applications and supports OpenGL. For information about cards used in testing Solid Edge and results, refer to Siemens' Hardware & Software Certifications page. A 512MB graphic card or higher is recommended when working with large assemblies or complex parts.

When running Solid Edge or NX, if you experience an abnormally high abort rate, parts disappearing, or other graphic anomalies you may not be using the appropriate graphics driver. For more details, visit the certification site noted  above.  This site details all of the Siemens-certified graphics cards by brand and model, and also provides information on laptops and workstations by brand and model. 

It is very important to use a high quality, professional grade graphics sub-system to guarantee that all aspects of your CAD system will perform as expected.  Many known graphics errors and anomolies are caused by "gamer" type graphics cards that don't have all of the special feature support that today's CAD systems expect in order to perform all functions at the highest levels.

Under some circumstances graphics performance can be improved enough to make marginal graphics cards peform acceptably through tuning of the default graphics settings in Solid Edge.  By default the graphics are set to highest levels with most all of the "enhacements" turned on.  Settings can be found on the Tools | Options | View tab.  For additional help, please contact, or visit our Service & Support page and scroll down the page for complete contact information.

For more specific information and some general recommendations, please email Sarah Dimeo.


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Read how companies like yours are profiting from NX CAM

Aerospace Dynamics International

Aerospace Dynamics International uses NX CAM to speed NC programming for large, complex parts produced on high-speed, five-axis machines. ADI no longer has time to code intricate machine motion by hand, yet it still needs the control that hand-programming provides.

SWERVE Furniture

With creativity and efficient use of leading-edge technology, SWERVE achieves success and growth with the use of advanced machinery and NX CAD & CAM software.

Dependable Pattern Works

Dependable Pattern Works is one of the Northwest’s largest pattern shops. From its beginnings in 1933 as a wood pattern shop, DPW now supplies wood patterns, rapid prototype parts, wax injection dies, urethane parts and fixtures to industries such as aerospace, construction and heavy equipment, computer, transportation and pulp and paper.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

Siemens PLM NX CAD, CAM and Teamcenter enabled IAI to set a new aviation industry benchmark for rapid product development. IAI redesigned the Grumman Gulfstream G150 mid-size business jet with a 17% reduction in cycle time.

Pratt & Whitney

Learn how Pratt & Whitney achieved their corporate goals for 50 percent time-to-market reduction, 75 percent decrease in product development costs and 80 percent fewer post-certification engineering changes by implementing NX and Teamcenter to replace 4 legacy systems.

Stork Turbo Blading

NX CAD and CAM are used with advanced reverse engineering tools to quickly and cost-effectively produce replacement turbine blades.

NX Support

We provide first-line support for your engineering, innovation and PLM* software applications in traditional and non-traditional ways, along with consulting, services and training to aid you in optimizing the results and productivity from your software investments.

Acuity's seasoned professionals can provide you with everything from a few hours of consulting or customized training to all-encompassing multi-year implementation and productivity enhancing plans.

Our support team can be contacted at 503-430-1056 or toll free at 877-228-1750, and via email at

We also have a Support Request Form. While we still provide traditional Phone and Email support, our hope is to help our customers identify the information that will most likely be neccessary for our technical staff to address the support request with the initial contact, as to minimize resolution turn around time.

A Support Request Form may be submitted at any point in the support proccess.


NX Support & Licensing Documents

In addition to our expert tech support assistance, we also aim to provide our customers with instructional documentation.

If you have any specific questions regarding our documentation, please call our toll free support line 888.747.0850, or email us at

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