Getting the Most out of Your New 5Axis Investment with Siemens

You’re a small to medium sized manufacturing operation. You are considering several projects that would significantly increase your revenue but would require considerable capital investment. One of those primary investments is a multi-function/5-axis mill.

Q: What does Acuity bring to the table? How can you guys help me insure productivity with my new machine?

A: 1st and foremost, Acuity has 20yrs of experience (in concert with our vendor Siemens PLM) in helping Job shops grow their operations. We offer expertise specifically in techniques to incorporate 5Axis/Multi-function CNC programming into your processes.

Q: How does Siemens PLM fit into this solution?

A: Acuity sells and supports NX CAD/CAM Software. NX provides several unique features that make 5-axis programming more efficient.

  • IS&V – Integrated Simulation and Verification simulates the machine tool operation and verifies the g-code, improving accuracy and cutting the cost of wasted time and material.
  • Synchronous Technology- This is a feature in NX that allows for the editing of almost any CAD geometry to make tool path creation more efficient.


  • Feature based automation
  • Hole Making
  • Generic Motion Control
  • Flexible Machine Coordinate System
  • Probing Cycles

Acuity Solutions brings decades of experience helping Machine shops improve CNC programming and tool library management with the use of NX CAD/CAM and Teamcenter software from Siemens PLM. We can also provide consulting on workflows/software to manage customer information (to address OEM compliance).

What you get when you work with Acuity:

    1. WA State suppliers to the Aerospace and Defense industry pay no sales tax on the software purchase!
    2. Contact us for software discounts for all Aerospace, Defense & Marine Suppliers!
    3. Acuity Solutions Inc. is now offering a 20% Discount for all NX CAM Software & Upgrades if purchased before September 25, 2019.
*NOTE: only one discount applies per purchase

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Paul Stevens

Working his way up from a sales rep position almost 20 years ago, Paul is now the president of Acuity, and has overseen its growth through decades of industry shifts. Today, he manages our expert team, emphasizing focus, quick response, genuine care for clients and a great sense of humor in his staff. He’s also our big-picture thinker, helping guide the company into the future with sound strategy and a growth-mindset for ourselves and our customers. Beyond running the business, Paul is a devoted father of four who enjoys weekends crabbing at the coast, taking on insurmountable challenges with friends, international travel and happy hour.