Teamcenter on the Cloud: The Google Cloud Platform

Over the past several months I’ve been learning more about Teamcenter on the Cloud, and how to deploy it on other cloud-based solutions. This learning led to the video below. In it, I highlight Teamcenter on the Cloud, using the Google Cloud Platform as its environment for deployment.

This video reviews the Google Cloud Platform interface, and takes you through some basic usage of Teamcenter to show typical network response times. I also walk through importing NX legacy data into Teamcenter to simulate an easy way of making the transition from an unmanaged to a managed environment. 

The more I learn, the more I’ll pass along. … Stay tuned…
-Brian Garcia

Brian Garcia

With more than 17 years on the Acuity team, Brian brings a deep expertise to helping clients select their software, deploy it and ensure that it’s working well for their needs. He is a Siemens Certified Professional on I-DEAS/TDM to NX/Teamcenter migrations, as well as a Siemens Certified Professional on Teamcenter.