Teamcenter for Hardware Startups & SMBs Webinar Series

Acuity has years of experience helping Hardware Startups & SMBs achieve their goals by leveraging technology from Siemens PLM. This webinar will focus on the power of Teamcenter as a tool to help engineering teams organize their product design data/processes and supply chain to maximize efficiency.

This webinar series will follow the different stages of a hardware company's growth and how Teamcenter enables all phases of a company’s success:

Startup (forming phase)

Growth (storming phase)

Maturation (norming phase)

Production (performing phase)

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Start-ups & SMBs have very specific needs.

  • Tight budgets
  • Rapid development
  • Quick growth
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Flexibility

Teamcenter's capabilities address the needs of growing and changing startups as the company matures. We'll explore what Teamcenter can do in this webinar:

  • Options of onsite installation or cloud based operation to match company needs and budget constraints
  • Teamcenter Rapid Start can get Teamcenter installed with basic templates and functionality to get quicker benefits, with the ability for future growth as needs arise
  • Additional functionality can be brought online as the company grows
  • Database encryption and system security adds levels of protection for a company’s intellectual property
  • Multi-CAD management in Teamcenter provides flexibility to companies by working with multiple CAD tools-- startups are not bound by one CAD tool and Teamcenter can manage them all.

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Lindsay Trina