What can NX Mach Advantage do? An excellent overview with Ron.

Since the early inception and adoption of CAD software, the goal has been to determine and select the right amount of horse power at the right price. A daunting task at best!

In this video, I thought I’d discuss and demonstrate a small piece of what I think is a great software buy for those looking to get into a mid-priced full-featured CAD tool. Not only is NX Mach Advantage reasonably priced and extremely well-featured, but it’s a well known NX user interface, a widely used Parasolid modeling engine, and its seamless ability to integrate with the entire realm of Siemens’ PLM solutions makes it worth a serious “Let’s see what this can do and find out how much it costs,” at the very least.

I hope you enjoy the video…-Ron St. Denis

Ron St. Denis

Machinist. CNC programmer. Manufacturing engineer. Ron’s done it all in his more than 35 years in the industry. While he’s specialized in most aspects of machining and metal cutting technologies, he also has a strong background in CAD/CAM, product data management and enterprise resource planning systems.