What's New in NX 12.0.1? Fundamentals and User Interface

Although I've always considered to myself to be somewhat of a change agent, on many occasions I’ve sensed the urge in myself to put off moving to the next major revision of NX even before its release. As a full-time support person, I can now sense that same apprehension in others when it comes to learning a changed user interface or finding out that something that's been taken for granted in the past needs to be done in a different manner because, for some incomprehensible reason, "it just doesn't work that way anymore."

With the thought in mind that the total list of NX 12 enhancements in support of reverse engineering, additive manufacturing, and industry specific work flows is way beyond the scope of a short video, I thought that I'd take a closer look at what the day-to-day CAD user would like to know about what's new in the NX 12 CAD user interface and put it in a short video. I was particularly pleased to discover that the tabbed multi-part display is both intuitive to learn and easy to use. In my humble opinion, it's a time saver that makes the upgrade worth the effort. I hope that you find this video informative and helpful.

Ron St. Denis

Machinist. CNC programmer. Manufacturing engineer. Ron’s done it all in his more than 35 years in the industry. While he’s specialized in most aspects of machining and metal cutting technologies, he also has a strong background in CAD/CAM, product data management and enterprise resource planning systems.