Important News for Solid Edge Subscription Users

Important message from Siemens Global Technical Enablement for Soild Edge Subscriptions:

Subscription Renewals - In response to looming deadline from Siemens Security requiring the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 be disabled on the webservers responsible for the auto-renewal of subscription licenses, the attached email message was sent at 9:00 Eastern via Eloqua to all active subscription customers not running Solid Edge 2019. This letter is intentionally direct in an effort to get these users to download and update their SolidEdgeSLU.exe. If this action is not taken, active subscription customers not running Solid Edge 2019 will encounter license renewal failure when TSL 1.0 is disabled on November 10, 2018. So, if you receive questions about the authenticity of this email from Siemens Industry Software, please let them know it is genuine, not a scam/phishing email, and help them get the update completed.

Thank You

Global Technical Enablement

Lindsay Trina