Why Synchronous Technology is the cat's pajamas

Why is NX with Synchronous Technology important to the Aerospace Supply chain and Job Shops?  Well, I imagine that most of you are getting models from your customers in all sorts of formats that came from a wide variety of CAD systems.  You’ve been looking for a tool that can help ease this painful process.

Look no further than NX CAD with Synchronous Technology.  You now have the power to stick to your timelines and get the job done.

  • You can easily modify complex 3D models without understanding how the model was constructed, and without knowing the feature relationships and dependencies. 
  • You can apply modifications directly to the model faces, edges and cross-sections using simple, direct “push-and-pull” tools.
  • You can directly open and modify models from CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER®, SolidWorks®, and Autodesk Inventor®, and with data in standard formats including IGES, ISO/STEP and JT.
  • Direct modeling with synchronous technology automatically finds and recognizes collections of faces representing functional features, and enables you to modify them quickly and easily.

NX is a very powerful tool which is why all of our customers are dedicated to using NX to program their CNC machines.

We don’t talk about this enough, but it has a lot of value.  You use it and don’t even know the name!  Well, now you do.