TEAMCENTER 11.3 Security Enhancements

Protect your data!

Product data security is important!  Teamcenter 11.3 provides several security enhancements to further protect the data you put into Teamcenter.  This article summarizes those enhancements.

Teamcenter Security Services is now applet-free.  The new Teamcenter Session Agent Java program installed on client machines replaces the Java applets (session agent, session detector, and status reporter) found in prior versions of Teamcenter.  The new Teamcenter Session Agent installation program for Windows uses the well-know InstallAnywhere application, is installed on a per-user basis, and then appears in the Control Panel “Uninstall or change a program” dialog for easy uninstalls.

Security grouping is enhanced for Authorized Data Access (ADA) security mapping.  You can create custom security groupings in Teamcenter 11.3 for areas that do not fit within the standard International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and intellectual property (IP) groupings.  Examples include compliance requirements or regulations, such as Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and Export Control Classification Number (ECCN).  Also, there are several new and modified Access Manager conditions, which are available for use with the custom security groupings.

Several 3rd party (open source) libraries were updated.  Open source libraries are used in various areas of the Teamcenter suite of applications, and are updated occasionally to address potential security vulnerabilities.  The following libraries are updated in Teamcenter 11.3 to the library versions listed:

•   OpenSSL 1.0.2k (via TcCrypto 4.0.11)
•   cURL 7.50.1
•   Zlib 1.2.11
•   7-Zip 16.0.4
•   Perl 5.24.0
•   Apache POI 3.15

In conclusion, the security enhancements in Teamcenter 11.3 build upon and improve the data security tools already built into Teamcenter to further protect the your data.