NX for Industrial Designers: Have you experienced Synchronous Technology (ST) yet?

Use ST on the fly to make design changes easier. 

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Calling all Industrial Designers or anyone who wants to dream up an idea and model it in NX CAD.   When you work with NX Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling you can create most anything that comes to mind or easily change legacy models that don’t have history. 

There are many times when you are brainstorming a design that you just want to capture some random ideasand see how things would look visually.  You don’t want to spend a lot of time sketching and modeling complicated surface to get your ideas down.  ST Freeform Modeling can help make this situation easier.  Theexamples below will show you the ease of using Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling within NX, using both X-Form and I-Form face manipulation. 


  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling is an Industrial Design tool, but also useful to novice users 
  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling makes it easy to model organic shapes 
  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling provides great visual feedback 
  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling is fast 
  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling supports both History and History Free mode 


Product Information: 

Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling is part of the Freeform Shape module, which is included in the NX13100 - NX Mach 3 Product Design and NX13300 - NX Mach 3 Industrial Design bundles. 

  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling delivers the ability to sculpture and control complex forms directly from solid shapes, previously the domain of surface modeling.  
  • Synchronous Enabled Freeform Modeling extends the “easy to use” NX Synchronous Technology to X-Form and I-Form face editing within Freeform Shape. 
  • Drag handles provide the user with immediate feedback on creating and editing organic shapes.  X-Form manipulates the poles and I-Form the isoparametric curves that define faces. 

Not only are these the perfect tools for the industrial designer, but novice designers will also find them easy to use. 

The ability to quickly modify fully parametric and imported multi-CAD non-parametric models will enhance a user’s ability to extend the life-cycle of CAD data, saving valuable time. 

Brian Garcia

With more than 17 years on the Acuity team, Brian brings a deep expertise to helping clients select their software, deploy it and ensure that it’s working well for their needs. He is a Siemens Certified Professional on I-DEAS/TDM to NX/Teamcenter migrations, as well as a Siemens Certified Professional on Teamcenter.