NX CAD introduction to PMI (Product Manufacturing Information)

Since its initial implementation, the "Product and Manufacturing Information" (PMI) module has grown to where it is through various milestones implemented over multiple versions of NX.

The original design and implementation included a simple but effective PMI interface that provided a fully associative model based creation solution for PMI objects.  

Since that time, the functionality has grown to include the creation of a wider selection of PMI objects and the inheritance of model based PMI objects onto the drawing sheet during view creation.  In NX11, that functionality has come full circle by making it possible to convert drawing objects to fully associative PMI model based objects from the Drafting Application.
I thought that I'd make a short video that would provide a quick overview of SIemens' NX PMI functionality and demonstrate PMI object creation as it is today in NX11.
Thanks for watching,
Ron St. Denis

Ron St. Denis

Machinist. CNC programmer. Manufacturing engineer. Ron’s done it all in his more than 35 years in the industry. While he’s specialized in most aspects of machining and metal cutting technologies, he also has a strong background in CAD/CAM, product data management and enterprise resource planning systems.