Control your CAD environment, boost productivity


For the new NX CAD user, the full range of customization and standardization options in NX can be a bit overwhelming.  As an Application Engineer that provides daily support to both new and experienced CAD users, I am reminded constantly about how important it is for the end user to gain control of their CAD environment to make their job a little easier and a lot more productive.

With that thought in mind, I thought that I’d make a short video to discuss a few tips and tricks regarding the management of NX Customer Defaults and Preferences.  I hope that you find it informative and useful.

-Ron St. Denis

Ron St. Denis

Machinist. CNC programmer. Manufacturing engineer. Ron’s done it all in his more than 35 years in the industry. While he’s specialized in most aspects of machining and metal cutting technologies, he also has a strong background in CAD/CAM, product data management and enterprise resource planning systems.