Siemens solutions.

Here’s why our customers believe Siemens is an investment that’s worth every penny. 

It’s adaptable

Lots of moving parts are both a literal and figurative fact in our clients’ industries. We partner with Siemens to ensure that those parts work well together, and that they’re able to adapt to the changing needs of their users seamlessly.

For example, NX CAM features synchronous technology, a breakthrough in CAD direct modeling that lets you capture ideas faster, make design changes more efficiently and use multi-CAD data more easily than ever.

It’s Reliable

The Siemens mantra is “never let a customer fail,” and that’s reflected in the robustness and longevity of their products. From concept to production, we’re confident in the software we sell, and you can be confident in our responsiveness in the rare event that you need backup.

Our favorite example is Janicki Industries, who have been using NX CAM for more than 12 years without fail. Through minor version changes and major updates, they’ve stuck with Siemens software because it has stuck with them.

It’s scalable

From San Francisco startups to international manufacturing operations, Siemens products are built to benefit teams of every size and shape. And when you’re ready to expand your operations, your Siemens software will be ready, too.

Teamcenter is a prime example: start by wrangling product data and helping your staff find and use designs and documents with ease. Then move to managing requirements, looping in suppliers and connecting engineering with manufacturing and service. All from the same platform.